Recycling Centre

Recycling symbol

TBD Morris were one of the UK former recycling centres and have been recycling materials such as wood, business waste, soil, scrap metal, aluminium and plastics and providing Leicestershire with recycling services since 1968. All the waste comes to our waste transfer station via multiple routes either by domestic or commercial waste and we recycle and re-sell items like wood as chip board, mulch etc.

Recycling Services

Recycling just a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W light bulb for up to 6 hours. Facts such as this show that the economic benefits of recycling services are clear, public awareness must increase and compliance is mandatory.

The market for recycled products is growing steadily, and currently includes: recycling polyethylene bin liners and recycling carrier bags; PVC sewer pipes, flooring and window frames; building insulation board; video and compact disc cassette cases; fencing and garden furniture; water butts, garden sheds and composters; seed trays; anoraks and fleeces; fibre filling for sleeping bags and duvets; and a variety of office accessories

The scope for plastic recycling within the UK is enormous. Results of the most recent survey indicate that an estimated 24,000 tonnes of plastic bottles were collected for recycling in 2003. However, this still only amounts to approximately 5.5% of the 9.1 billion plastic bottles sold in the UK every year.

Recycling Cardboard/Paper

Pile of paper for recycling

Over 160 million tonnes of waste card is produced in the UK per year, TBD Morris is proud of its heritage and achievements in cardboard and paper recycling.

Our aim is to help meet governmental targets for the coming years.

Recycling Aluminium

Squashed Drinks Cans
  • clean HE9 extrusions
  • painted + thermal extrusions
  • therma-break extrusions
  • extrusion swarf
  • commercial pure cuttings
  • commercial cast
  • commercial turnings

Recycling Copper

  • No.1 bright wire (process)
  • No.2 copper
  • tinned wire
  • clean heavy
  • electro cuttings
  • braziery

Recycling Brass

  • heavy
  • cuttings
  • rod ends
  • rod swarf
  • mixed brass

Recycling Gunmetal

  • solid
  • swarf