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Waste management in Leicestershire.

TBD Morris Recycling and Waste Management offer solutions for all types of waste management in the Leicestershire area including Loughborough, Melton Mowbray and Hinckley. Waste Management is an important issue for businesses with a substantial amount of waste, especially due to the regulations that are in force today.

We offer a complete waste management service including waste disposal and waste collection.

Waste disposal.

It has been estimated that businesses in the UK produce 2 million tonnes+ of wood waste each year. This originate from manufacturing processes or packaging, such as pallets and packing cases.

As waste disposal becomes ever more expensive for businesses, recycling and reusing wood waste will often be a more cost effective option.

Councils and other local authorities are constantly looking for alternative methods of waste management. TBD Morris Recycling remains committed to improving methods and keeping up to date with new changes to the industry whether it is in waste collection or disposal.